Enhance your Gardening Skills with Online Nurseries

24petals.com is an online nursery / garden facility provider, through which a user can order plants, flowers and other equipment related to the garden. 24petals.com is also targeting on flower bouquets and other decorative items a user can use to decorate home, office or public area gardens or lobby.

The website caters to those people who want to make sure that they get the best variety of garden grass, flowers, flower pots, swings, marbles etc in the best rate available in the market at the most reasonable price.

This app will be targeting individuals, families, corporate offices and public places like parks etc. The website gives an option to the user to choose the type of facility he / she wants to buy nursery for. For example – if it’s 1 BHK, 2 BHK, Villa, Office space, society garden etc.

These options will help the users to get the best product in the price available.

Mode of Business:

The mode of business is online 24 hours delivery through website and then through app. 24petals.com follows the community base platform.

  • Vendor Listing:

Community base platform ensures that business does not have to source the stock or maintain it in a warehouse. 24petals.com enlists all the unorganized nursey providers in its website, give them a brand and more exposure than they are currently receiving.

  • Products Listing:

24petals.com also enlists the products separately to give an option to the user to select the product directly and checkout.

  • Mode of delivery:

There are two modes of delivery –

    • Home Delivery – If the user choses the home delivery option then he / she will get the product delivered at his / her doorsteps. This medium will only be limited to the city limits depending upon the nature of the product.
    • Pickup – If user chooses this option, then he / she can choose the local nursery near his / her location and can visit in person to get the product.

The following content will be visible in the website homepage –

  • Product – This category will contain all the major category of the products that 24petals.com will be providing
  • Nursery near you – This category will help the user choose the nearby nursey that is present from where either the user can buy online or go pickup the product.
  • Product of the day – choose the product that is the cheapest on that day.
  • Select your city – choose the city where you are located and look for the nursery or the product available in that city.
  • Blog – Giving information to the users about the benefits of greenery at home, different ways of decorating your home, information on a plant or flower etc.
  • About us – This will include the details about 24petals.com and its objectives. This will also include the contact information.
  • Checkout – This will be the checkout page from where the user can 1) buy the product for home delivery or, 2) book it for self pickup.

Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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