Small Startups Promote Job Growth


It is surprising that an economy growing at a rate of 2% or less creates only a few jobs. Job growth has slowed. It is the latest sign that economic momentum has faded even as it shows. Labour department has reported an increasing number of people who have lost their jobs permanently. The question arises is whether this slowdown is permanent or just a response to a weak economy. If we see further we will see that workers are taking less paid jobs because there is nothing else available to them.


Gender Equality in Corporates

Several studies have shown that women’s portfolios outperform their male partners because of the inherent qualities that females possess by nature that differentiate them from mail investors in their approach of investing. Also companies with more women on board perform better, they are risk conscious, deep divers before investing and understand before making any investment. They improve companies performance in three dimension:


Dispute Mitigation in Companies

To manage new growth, companies always look for new innovation teams. What does this innovation team do? Do they perform brainstorming? Or do they perform creative thinking the whole day? Most of the boards of directors feel the need of a separate and highly isolated team to perform high thinking skills activity. They are like a search engine of the company i.e., unit responsible for long term and sustainable growth in the company. Most of the  innovation is practiced over a company’s existing resources whether it is custom, experts or manufacturing unit. So it is a highly futile concept that the innovation team works in isolation. Isolation will create only baseless use of resources and travel processes.


Leveraging the Degree of Business Management

H Byrkjeflotin his June 2008 edition wrote that any occupation earns professionalism when it is imbibe with some ideologies like being good counsellor, performing greater deeds, and doing no harm. Jonathan Gosling further stated his point arguing that there is a misunderstanding in between management  and other professions like medicines and law. According to Jonathan, management is more about integrated skills, there is no specific curriculum that needs to be adhered to. Learning management means broader experience and replicating it through several projects. Also management doesn’t have a clear code of ethics like other professions and ethics vary from country to country and even from one organisation to another.


Corporate Tactics to be Profitable

The older techniques to increase sales was to create demand, make products cheaper, make advertisements and earn lots of profit. But there is another alternative that is being ignored, creating scarcity. when a company uses scarcity, your customer perceives that there is limited edition which compels them to purchase the product. It develops fear in them of missing out which led them to buy within the time constraints. What are the scars product? Products which are difficult to conceive, difficult to convey and difficult to make. It is a thing that is not available in unlimited amounts and is difficult to get.  With scarcity tactics, customers are motivated to buy products because they see everyone is buying it and it is validated by others that it is a great buy.


Multi-tasking Makes Better Leaders

To lead u have to be multidimensional

In the fast changing world everyday a new crisis and new complexity arises. Leaders need to stay objectively alert in order to make strategic decisions with reference to circumstances and variables. Leaders’ objective changes according to the situation, like if oil spills in the ocean, what are the factors that one needs to take care of ?


All About Collaborative Leadership

Rise of collaborative leaders

It seems that lone leadership has served corporate culture very well since the start of the Industrial era. But from the past few decades, with the growth of globalization, the internet has increased the complexity of the work. Newer approaches to leadership have started to take form. We are no longer manufacturing gadgets for single use nor are we afraid to speak in the boardroom. We are thinking multi-dimensionally and lending our talents where it is required. This new  way of working requires a new form of leadership. Leadership expert Bryan Gross shifted his focus from great leader to great team, because the most difficult problem requires collective brainstorming. Collaborative leadership can sometimes become a complicated issue still we Know that it’s worthy of our time and make our decision making power more efficient.


Significance of Succession Management in Corporates

Why succession management is important?

Succession management is always a sensitive matter. After all, the future of your company built over several generations is at stake. The aim of effective succession is to meet several expectations as well as to reconcile the conflicting goals that may arise. That’s why today’s corporations are more active about leadership succession. After the success of Andreas Gerber at SME business Switzerland, boards started taking names from outside organizations for candidature of CEO. However some argued that internal candidates are a better option.


How important is not to “play safe in life” ?

Company room :

Melinda and Gates planned to launch its own specialised ‘Chinese Silk’ to enter the apparel industry. It has once again heated the environment of the company as people are divided over the opinion. Some want to invest in a patented technology so that fresh and new business opportunities open up. While other wants to invest in an existing market. CEO Taylor and VP of R&D Stelena are already divided over the issue of launching. If the company invests in existing technology patents will get expensive to defend and soon our company too would be in a price war with copycats. Stelena mentioned it would be tough to manage in a market where we don’t have a partner. But it is a battle one should fight. And this fight would not get restricted to the company’s walls but in new markets too, where our competitors are present and are well aware of our weaknesses. They might defeat us but what will be the cost of it? If we work efficiently and timely we can make more out of our investment. Taylor paused and stood, to leave the meeting room while confronting the fact that we can’t throw our stakeholder’s money in a flowing river just to try something new. Taylor wants Stelena to give him a more detailed report of why she thinks other ways are more opportunistic? Stelena’s character is unbiased and more deep seated.


Value chain development key for job option

Symbiotic relationship between value chain and job option

There exists a complementary relationship between creating value and providing jobs. Company generates value when it uses its resources to offer something valuable to its customers. When business expands, work load increases which provides opportunity to skilled and semiskilled workers.