Mera Sathi – One touch Solution for Household jobs

MERA SAATHI will provide the best on demand helpers who can help you efficiently by providing soft services such as basic cleaning, help in shifting, pre or post house party help, help in religious get together, market help, grocery shopping from nearby stores, etc.

Customer service and satisfaction is their top priority.
MERA SAATHI uses best of technology and smart processes to provide easy on demand helper platform to our customers. We want our clients to continuously give feedback for our service and guide us if we can serve them in a better way!!! MERA SAATHI will provide informal labourers a chance to a better life. By providing them employment, we ensure their rights, standard wages, as well as employment benefits aimed at their entire family. These include health insurance, life insurance, and day care for their children, vocational training, etc.
Employers for our SAATHIS are not left alone either – by availing our services, they are ensured a thorough background check on their SAATHIS, round-the-clock SAATHI replacements, as well as on-demand SAATHI services for all their needs.
Our Services
MERA SAATHI provides variety of on demand helper services with client’s customized needs.
We offer below professional services at very nominal cost:
 House Hold SAATHI (for cleaning, child care, pet care, cooking etc.)
 Elderly care SAATHI ( care taker SAATHI for our elderly people)
 Patient care SAATHI ( Nurse SAATHI, Ward boy SAATHI)
 Car wash SAATHI ( Daily cleaning for car / Complete deep cleaning for Car)
 Shops/SMEs SAATHI ( SAATHI for shops and small business)
 On-demand SAATHI for all other services

Why should you choose MERA SAATHI?

Competition for MERA SAATHI
Since the sector is mostly unorganized, there are few organisations providing domestic help services in different parts. There is a huge potential in this sector for an organisation which can provide the necessary services in professional way so as to ensure the safety/security part for both employer & employee.

Target audience and segmentation

We at MERA SAATHI are looking to serve small shops and SMEs along with the people working in the corporates who are looking for professional services in all categories from domestic helper segment to a helper for small shop. A car cleaner in morning to a deep cleaning services as and when required.
Since there is huge gap in the quality of services being provided by current players in the market which either lack in some ways or with improper training, we see a huge potential for MERA SAATHI as a business proposition.

Comparison with current players in the market 


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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