Importance of Evidences & Proofs in Management

Emma Charlotte, chief consultant at ‘Kendall had worked 10 years with Benjamin Hawk A physician Benjamin was  involved in evidence based management.  Employees of Kendall meet every month to discuss the issues of management. Emma had reported several recommendations from the meeting to company’s founder Adler, that Kendall needs an improvement in patients services and care. Despite all the proof Adler thinks that these aspects as secondary compare to Research he wants to perform.

He wants to carry out new management plans using his existing employee team. Emma finds herself helpless, as Adler’s decision is final and he is asking help from employees who want to change the strategy.  Benjamin received an email from Adler to assist him. Benjamin feels frustrated and argues with Emma how Adler could force him to do research when he had invested his time in research. Emma too feels discontent. When a company CEO is not working in favour of evidence how could middle management can bring change.

Emma’s whole day went out in thinking about what had forced Adler to change the strategy. How can, to boost profit, Adler just want to increase the number of patients. Companies perform excellently. It will attract more patients and more patients means more profit. This was all going inside Emma’s brain. Then she concluded that Adler must have left the crucial point. Emma knew Adler for twenty years. She wants him to go slow and start small.  There is no proof that this new strategy will work out so improving quickly and safely can improve companies ROI. But Adler’s focus on restructuring the excellence is a wrong move. Like a patient can handle a broken window and gate of the room but what if he/she receives medication late. So there is a big difference in improving patients’ experience.

Proofs of evidence

Emma finds it undigesting that creating excellence will improve companies ROI. Adler would have to invest more to gain little. Next day Emma thought about all the odds that can come in changing the mind of Adler, as she is being paid for the job to consult or direct, not just to accept the company’s Idea blindly. It can be a career suicide but this is what for which she had be recruited. It’s not too late yet. So Emma needs to create four parameters to put it in front of Adler.

First creating a sense of top priority because long time periods make employees off. Second she must guide medical heads where they need to generate focus like whether quality or financial issues are causing problems. Third Emma needs a deep conversation with Adler because he is in a hurry of transition and not acknowledging the fact that is present in front of him. Fourth she needs to use the data from the seminar to make strategy for the company. So that process can be evidence and proof based. Emma also wants to include political aspects in organisational change.


Overall if we see Kendall has top resources like Emma and Benjamin whose approach is wise. They can handle destructive innovation through evidence and prove to convince Adler. Still if companies want to transform, they can use well established 6 – sigma evidence-management to improve performance.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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