Being overqualified for employment

Employers look for candidates who are a good match for the job and if your qualifications show you are overqualified you may  not be considered for the role. This will be a more frequent occurring post Covid-19 era which has witnessed millions of job losses due to uncontrollable reasons of the socio economic calamities across economies. But research say’s don’t just reject them, instead analyse it more carefully.

Hiring overqualified employees is a mistake that many  managers or new business owners think. The good news is if managed in the right way, these employees can become a fortune to your company’s growth and prosperity. Hiring managers must think once before rejecting highly qualified personnel that if they are overqualified for the job then why does he or she apply for the post? There might be some circumstances which compelled them to apply for this job. Instead of rejecting one must ask them why they applied for the job which might provide you with a better understanding about her decision.

Overqualified workers perform far better than other employees so they are like assets for the company and the company must provide them advantages to lower their dissatisfaction instead of just rejecting them. Why do companies find them unfit? This is because their dissatisfaction level is high with their jobs which sometimes lead to underperformance and can quit easily. It is completely legal to reject overqualified workers on the basis of their discontentment according to the ‘London Judiciary System’.


This type of system, thinking has led to long term unemployment among overqualified workers. According to New York times unemployed skilled workers contribute half of all unemployed workers. This is a problem, countries are facing for a long time, especially developing countries, where education is improving, but the service sector is stagnant. In Australia, Iran, the number of pass outs from college and without a job has tripled since 1995.

Companies are required to harness this opportunity for better performance, as a number of highly skilled graduates are opportunities. These overqualified workers are great at giving high efficient output in a stipulated time with respect to their colleagues, by ‘The Wall Street Journal ‘(USA). The researchers from ‘The Asahi Shimbun’ (Japan), as mentioned in their study of above average intelligence, are working in garage, car cleaning. They are 40% in their Sectors They stay in these due to timing and the company’s reputation.

How to manage overqualified section

Chase Shelton and Tristan Hall of ‘The Washington Post’ (USA) analysed that overqualified workers can be engaged through numerous ways :

  • Providing them autonomy to make decisions.
  • They should be provided with a value-based job.
  • Providing them with the surety of a job.
  • They can be given other advantages over monetary.

Next time before rejecting overqualified workers, managers can take insight into considering them for a job, in a more strategic way.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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