Let’s make Work play

If companies want to attract top talent, they need to provide employees with a balanced work-life, so that they can feel good while joining any company. The movie ‘Take Back your life’ by Dr. Lisa Herbert is about hectic life at the organization. It gives beautiful insight about workers’ life in an organization.

Companies output is always measured in terms of turnover while there is no instrument to measure health of the employees. Stress at the workplace has several health consequences that can drain companies wealth. Even women with children feel it is easier to leave their job than to handle both because there is no province for women to handle both. Companies can think of several ways to minimize the pressure employees are feeling at work like they can divide work on a project basis rather than full time.

People need to travel every day to work. They face congestion, traffic pollution. Companies can divide the work between people coming from remote areas and people coming from nearby. Employees of remote areas can perform their job from home. Wipro’s is providing flexibility to its employees to perform their job from home. Around 35% of employees don’t sit in the office. And they are mostly distant living employees.

Division of Work

Men can do alot to push women in leadership, with sharing a shoulder at home . It has shown a very slight shift in a few decades. If family responsibilities get shared, then they can perform other jobs like special projects,  travelling, professional connections and many more. It has been seen that even if both men and women perform the same job there is a different pay ratio. Gender gap is hard to remove from any company. Women face biases because of their obstructed career.

Different employees working in the same company get united on  the basis of common goals. Young generations are more inclined towards jobs which are significant, which provide value to their knowledge. Companies should employ young talent in research departments where they can use their skills. Few companies are strict towards religion at the workplace. But it is important to know where to stop.

.The principality of Work, Love

How many hours a week do you work? Do you love what you are doing? Is there a balance between work  and personal life? The ultimate goal for any employee or for any person should be to find a way to make a living doing something that you love to do and are passionate about. Finding a career  that has the power to make life a better is both a righteous ambition and one that leads to a feeling of fulfillment in life. The realm of love can include: family, friends, colleagues, and romantic partners. Ultimately, the realm of love is about nurturing close ones, making social connectivity and building healthy relationships. 


In theory, a good workplace is where managers are strict, no flexible hours, no work from home facilities. Managers hold grudges if employees are late to work and are unable to attend meetings due to heavy traffic. But this is not completely true in itself. If some employees enjoy benefits, certainly other hard working employees will feel demotivated. So, there should be a balance between work, life and things you love. And  to become the best place to work one needs to put these factors on the top of other programs. Finding inner balance between work, love, and play is still a work in progress for many because many even don’t know what they want from life and work. Lack of balance between work and personal life can lead to severe mental disorder and it can become a new generation disease.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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