Planning the Excellence

We human beings have different qualities and this is what makes us different from each other. Some are very good in academies while some are good in sports. So a child who is good at sports will not be able to study. They can but with proper planning. There’s boy Harry despite so many efforts from parents and teachers he flanked in eighth grade several times what could be the reason? To find the solution, one needs to begin with Harry’s likes and dislikes. What he is good at and in what he finds energy to do something. Doctor advised his parents to change his classroom or teacher with whom he is not comfortable with. Also motivate him in a positive way like ‘I can see potential in you’. With all these efforts he started improving and positive feedback starts coming.

How is it applicable in adults, in business environments? There are many people in the organisation who feel the same way Harry felt at school.

There are employees who feel there is favoritism, backbiting in the company. They have to put a fake smile on their face to get suited to an organisational environment. We can see the disconnect in the company, where already disloyalty is prevailing, debates take bad ways, policies are fragmented so how one can perform best in these situations. Like in Harry case, adults can also be counselled through 5 steps :

  • Selecting the right Job.
  • Allying with co-workers.
  • Understanding the issue. 
  • Coping and progressing.
  • Taste the achievements.

Selecting: My friend Amy is facing trouble in performing her job. She lacks motivation and feels no interest in performing her job. She works in the marketing department where she needs to make clients and establish relationships. I advised her to talk about this to your boss. She was afraid of losing her job. Boss admired him and changed her field to the research department. Now efficiency has increased a lot and she is enjoying her job. Like Amy there are many. They need to find their interest area and the right job accordingly. When we perform jobs of our interest our efficiency increases, Absenteeism decreases and  performance gets improved. 

While selecting a job one  must consider 3 things:

  •  What do you love to do?
  •  What are you good at? 
  •  What factors improve your performance?

Allying: When one person meets another person, they feel attachment, devotion, stimulus and an intention to make sacrifices. When two people work together, they build positive connections and  it motivates them to come to the workplace. In recent era agitation, mistrust has risen hence created an environment of anxiety depression at personal level.

Researchers at Alaska, Canada, New york and America found that employees feel detached from their managers, they feel stressed,  if they have no co partner at work, while employees who have best friends feel more engagement at work and boost performance. To boost employees performance co-workers need to appreciate each other, little details like dress- code, mood, hairs etc. Positive human resource relationships are more important at the workplace so they feel connected at work. Even if two employees are sitting at two places, they still feel connected through social networking sites.

Understanding the Issue:

When one is in the right job and is working in a friendly environment. They already are one step ahead in their career. Now they just need to analyse the problem, develop thinking skills and find the solutions. When we analyse the issue our part of the brain is involved while when you make a quick decision four right brain is involved. You will hardly succeed if you will not enjoy or play with your job. When you play with problems your amygdala is involved and simultaneously affects the prefrontal lobe which is involved in planning, organizing, prioritising, deciding etc. Job is professional but that doesn’t mean you should not bring creativity and imagination to your work. If you want to have good results, add a presentation to your work.

Coping and progressing:

Next step is working harder. If you love your job you will automatically enjoy doing whatever you’re doing. You will feel motivated to work hard not because your boss wants but  because you are enjoying it. Even if it will be difficult you will be willing to take that pain and stress and this stress will be positive which will help you to grow in your career. When we were young simple addition was too difficult for us but continuous practice makes it easier. Biologically, more your stress, your brain, your brain will start thinking in that way and difficult will become easier.

However negative stress is harmful it takes away more than it gives you. It is uncontrolled, undetermined and requires lots of time to get adjust. It even reduces brain thinking ability. It kills good brain cells and increases risk of cardio attacks. If a problem is difficult, make a team, involve different brains to get the answer instead of panicking.

Taste the achievement:

Excitement, praise, happiness usually accompanied by release of dopamine. Recognition is important at the workplace to optimise performance of employees. At a personal level it satisfies human needs. It makes one feel completed and makes one connected at the workplace. Work tasks get completed quickly,  excellence at job, and encourage you to work more harder.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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