Case Study – The General Electric Approach for Portfolio Planning

Another portfolio planning approach that helps a business figure out if to put resources into circumstances is the General Electric (GE) approach. The GE approach looks at a business’ qualities and the appeal of the business in which it contends. As we have demonstrated, a business’ qualities are elements interior to the organization, including solid HR abilities (skilled staff), solid specialized capacities, and the way that the firm holds a vast offer of the business sector. The engaging quality of an industry can incorporate angles, for example, regardless of whether there is a lot of development in the business, whether the benefits earned by the organizations contending inside it are high or low, and regardless of whether it is hard to enter the business sector. For instance, the car business is not alluring in times of financial downturn, for example, the subsidence in 2009, such a variety of vehicles makers would prefer not to put more underway. They need to cut or quit spending however much as could be expected to enhance their productivity. Inns and aircrafts face comparable circumstances.

Organizations assess their qualities and the allure of commercial enterprises as high, medium, and low. The organizations then decide their speculation systems in view of how well the two relate with each other. As Figure 2.16 “The General Electric (GE) Approach” appears, the speculation choices plot in the GE methodology can be contrasted with a movement light. For instance, if an organization feels that it doesn’t have the business qualities to contend in an industry and that the business is not alluring, this will bring about a low appraising, which is equivalent to a red light. All things considered, the organization ought to collect the business (gradually lessen the ventures made in it), strip the business (drop or offer it), or quit putting resources into it, which is the thing that happened with numerous car makers.

Albeit numerous individuals may think a yellow light signifies “speed up,” it really implies alert. Organizations with a medium rating on industry appeal and business qualities ought to be wary when contributing and endeavor to hold the piece of the pie they have. In the event that an organization rates itself high on business qualities and the business is exceptionally alluring (additionally evaluated high), this is equivalent to a green light. For this situation, the firm ought to put resources into the business and assemble piece of the pie. Amid awful financial times, numerous commercial enterprises are not appealing. Be that as it may, when the economy enhances organizations must reconsider opportunities.


A gathering of organizations is known as a portfolio. Associations that have various specialty units must choose how to apportion assets to them and choose what goals and systems are possible for them. Portfolio planning approaches help firms examine the organizations in respect to each other. The BCG and GE methodologies are two or the most widely recognized portfolio planning strategies.


1.    How would you arrange an item that has a low piece of the pie in a developing business sector?

2.    What does it intend to hold piece of the pie?

3.    What elements are utilized as the premise for examining organizations and brands utilizing the BCG and the GE approaches?


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