How to Convert a Regular Job into a Creative One?

Today every employee is struggling with the thought of changing jobs. They feel unmotivated, unexciting and stagnant in their present job. But the slow economy and recession make them stuck with the present job. Richard, head of the marketing department, fights everyday in between his regular job and work he wants to do. This is not the story of just Richard, but around 70% of the working population are unsatisfied with their jobs. So if one cannot change his or her dog and is stuck in such a situation, what can one do?

‘Job formulating’

Job redesigning or formulating can be a powerful tool to motivate and re-energize people working in a corporation. It helps one in exercising his passion, enhancing strengths and meeting motives. This will change the way you are doing your job.

This job formulating involves:

1) Duty: One can change the responsibilities come from job by changing how to perform.

2) Relationship: The way we interact with people at company might influence perception. In a long run it will help you in connecting with top associates and employees at your firms.

3) Clairvoyance: To deliver your job best you need to change your perception about your job. For example HR managers can divide their job in two parts, one meeting everyone with strictness to maintain decorum in the company and one building a healthy environment in the company.

Whether it is Tech Mahindra or Tata almost all companies are engaged in job crafting. Job designing puts pressure on managers to design frameworks for their employees. It guides them to retain top talent what resources they need.

4) Designing your job: Richard went through his daily Job responsibility. He divided all his work according to the time it took to get complete. Richard found that he spent lots of time in analysing his employees performance and answering their queries. He is spending an average number of hours in allocating budgets, maintaining documents and organising meetings. And he is spending very less time in branding, designing and promoting. This gave him through insight about his daily work diagrams. So he further analyses which part of his job excites him more and meets his aim. He aligned his all tasks with his strength and weakness. Using the analysis he designed a chart that suits him best. He red marked the job that he thinks is his common goal and objective. He also finds that social networking excites him.

5) New view point: Finally Richard analysed all the factors that are creating a barrier in making his job simpler. He knows his social networking strength so he indulged it in other parts of his job. For example using it for making communication between different marketing and sales departments. Use of Twitter to get reviews. Using social media to handle employee grievances over meeting them personally and wasting lots of our. Richard instead of thinking of his job as a daily routine he started adding innovation to it.

Limitation of job designing:

All job designing processes are not effective. As it requires complete understanding of SWOT, of any person and employee working in the organisation. It can be stressful. It requires transparency to be effective. Organisations are required to create values that will be effective for others too. It requires building trust and providing assurance about their private information. Aligning your job with others who can help you. Like Richard, he helped Frider in technology harassment. Richard realised that instead of wasting time on thinking about a job switch, one can focus on more promising aspects.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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