Social Media as an Investing Platform

A few studies have shown that tech – investors in geographically diverse locations are continuously making big profits and are among top performers. Investors around the globe are trying their best to extract the power of social media to make information widely available. Social media disseminate information far and hence can generate positive and big financial returns. Traditionally it is believed, more widely the information flow, lower is the chance of good bidder because a greater number of bidders will be there, jacking high prices with the rise of social media, there is now a quicker, more efficient way of gathering data to influence investors’ judgements.

However, recent study on 160 firms and venture capital shows that the top notch companies rely on social media to get information that is being held with big power. These details and information provide company opportunities to be competitive in the market which might not be possible without social media. Companies are now reaching beyond traditional technical hubs in Canada, Hong Kong and New York. Companies located here are performing outstanding because they make contact with customers and companies located at our coast of offshore areas.

Companies with a vast reach and diverse portfolio are performing better than those who are highly restrictive in information sharing. They attract big investors, partners and projects even at the time of a big recession. While companies with traditional methods of processing still only in reach with local networks, are faced has difficulty in raising capital. It’s clear that Twitter, LinkedIn, and Facebook have become extremely important in the investment world. It is now widely accepted that Twitter has become the most immediate and up-to-date source of news on the planet. With Wall Street brokers and big businesses now implementing sentiment analysis into their stock market algorithms, social media really has entered a new realm. It is more powerful and influential than ever, and something the best investors simply cannot afford to ignore.

Social media is the most effective tool available in the market. It is a channel to create a network of experts, entrepreneurs and big leaders around the world. It  eliminates traditional ways of communicating face to face personally or in a large gathering. Cambridge based company has a dedicated team of 50 members to handle social media dialogue, and to manage big deals. Around 20% to 30% of every 500 or more in China indulge in blogging and tweeting.

These all factors help in maintaining transparent relationships and remain open than traditional companies.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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