How Top Level Executives Implement Strategy Execution?

Johnson & Johnson servants its company to get insight about the strategy and execution plan of the company from its employees. The top 4 survey findings are:

1. The biggest challenge was to make strategy meaningful to staff.

2. Many employees are even aware of their firm’s strategy.

3. Strategy development is still mostly a top-down process.

4. People who are involved in developing the strategy are more likely to be bought in.

This survey completely highlights that there is a gap in clear and meaningful communication and it is acting as a great barrier in execution of the strategy. Also these findings suggest consideration about formulation of strategy from bottom to top and this is a highly challenging aspect also.

Survey from march study, buy San Francisco adds that company’s maintain a distinction between strategy developer and its executor. But if we see biologically, the brain is a thinker and the rest of the body parts perform that through the brain. But is it possible that when the body is performing, brains sit idle? survey shows that 60% of the employees feel that they are not a part of strategy development and only one third feels that they are also part of strategy creation.

It has three main components that work together to bridge the strategy execution gap and drive successful growth:

  1. Create a clear execution plan for your growth strategy
  2. Establish the right execution habits
  3. An execution software that ensures employees are focused on Intelligent Work

For example Rhythm software is the only Intelligent Work Platform built specifically for mid-market CEOs to confidently execute their growth strategies by ensuring that all employees in every department are working synchronously as a single team driving alignment and accountability.  CEO growth strategies are much easier to implement with an Intelligent work platform.

With Rhythm, CEOs, departmental leaders and their leadership teams have full visibility at the execution level and can focus on what is failing so they can mobilize the necessary resources to fix the problem quickly and what is working exceptionally well so it can be replicated.  The execution gap can be closed with the right Rhythm of Work and the systems and tools to implement it. 

To make strategy successful it is important to communicate your strategy clearly. Strategy implementation requires assigning everyone with some design of authority and appropriate solution to it. But most of the top authorities focus on rigidity and a highly controlled execution plan. It is the job of top management to figure out how to move from a great high level idea to practical and operational success. Execution is often the place where good strategies go to die. But it is not necessary. While developing strategy take into account the thinking style and models of the people who will be responsible for its execution.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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