Expertise Required For Front-Line Executives

Jordan Ray is heading towards Medanta The Medicity to take cognizance of nurses at work. His job involves observing how health care workers are performing their duty. He is a part of the expert innovative team of Medanta. His everyday work is to make notes, take photos and design sketches of people involved in healthcare. These notes and photos consist of physical and logical analysis of specialists, what they are doing, what tools they are using and how they communicate. Other than this he also involves subjective analysis like he asks nurses how they feel about the work. He knows the information he is taking will be important in future if it is not yet. After all these analysis, the next goal is to find hidden clues to find the nature of the problem. Medanta is serving in 10 countries and providing healthcare to 10 million workers. It is a great place to study innovation in healthcare practice and in harnessing the opportunity. Innovation sector has a large social purpose beyond the Medanta boundaries to accelerate the pace of improved health sectors.

Imagine what can be the ROI for these kinds of projects. Innovation in the health sector was incorporated by Medanta in 2005 and till now it has gained $987000 through cost avoidance. Medanta has implemented it in its 80% of the hospital and implementation has produced unbelievable intangible benefits.

Ideas exchange

One of the major and first projects of Medanta was to improve how nurses exchange information about the patient. Sometimes exchange of information takes so long that they get delayed in arriving at the patient’s bed which leads to the patient’s satisfactory experience. Sometimes it also gets unreliable, as important minute details are often left out. To improve it, now data and knowledge exchange occur at the patient’s bed side rather than in the nurse’s station. Technology and software also help in compiling information in standard format. Implementing any idea and method is not easy to master. Even after so many years of experience Jordan is still learning and experimenting. In an innovation, teams are required to be eager to learn something new everyday.

Unsaid truth

In many institutions innovation is taken as a side job. It is always kept at the end of the to do list. Potential ideas left struggling in a company’s value system. Even 80% of the companies have crystallized that innovation is important for the company’s growth yet only 30% are confident to implement it. Medanta is one of those minority companies who have implemented innovation in their companies with all equipped facilities, network of solarized physicians and its own insurance plan. Medanta pays its physician in salary form rather than on the basis of the number of tests they perform. It is a relatively advanced private sector and its medical plans are accessible to even marginalised sections of the society.

However a deep investigation by an innovation consultancy uncovered the untold truth about the nurses. What are the issues they are facing, overworked chaotic process and lots of interruption by the peers. If due to undue pressure medication error occurred by the nurse it can lead to catastrophe and huge cost to the reputation of the company. Nurses often face interruption in hospital life. Urgent tasks cause distraction. A group of 50 highly qualified experts proposed the idea of Med bed, a bed in itself full of all the personalized equipment.


Designing and delivering better means of services is also part of the innovation group to make reform in working of healthcare panels. It can save money as well as time. For example if some patient is suffering from serious cardiac disease he or she will need a care coordinator permanently to assist his or her queries. Their duty is to minimise inconvenience caused to patients and maximize their quality time.

Democratizing the work

By allowing everyone to make new innovation in the field of healthcare can boost healthcare giving patients and caregivers more sophisticated tools. If all companies come together to perform innovation quickly they can achieve it quickly rather than if they were left to themselves.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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