Benefits of Adopting Open Source Strategy

Your open source strategy connects the plans for managing, participating and creating open source software with the business objective that the plan serves. The most important thing in C suite is to align your open source strategy with the company’s goal. One element of the strategy is to decide, where to contribute? Which open source projects are strategically good for your company? Is there a project that your operation team loses to run your critical enterprise infrastructure? How many people do you need and what skills are required?

All of these factors are required to consider while designing open source projects. This approach will help in aligning firms interest with interest of the society, be it customers, suppliers or colleagues. Two important elements of strategic planning are identifying growth and finding ways to keep contributors satisfied.

If a company does not have skills internally for an open source company, can you find it from outside? or can hire it? So that you can remain in the race.  They can delve into problems to find relevant strategy, reshape initiative to improve the culture of the organisation. This helps in transforming strategy from planning to execution. Companies must design and develop guidelines so that people get engaged in open source development and align it to overall business objectives.

If your company is planning to have a lot of open source collaboration it is necessary that your company must build an open source program office to manage strategy and contribute whenever required. In India Magic media is a perfect site to test open source strategy because their belief is based on that outsider will collaborate for betterment of any product and services.

Outcomes and results are associated with business strategies. So it can help in measuring the efforts made in open source strategy, and determining if it is successful or not. For example if you want to see the performance of any software you need to set a benchmark for the performance or you can set a good baseline. Overall your open source strategy can help  your company to achieve its goals and can create a matrix to see whether you have successfully implemented your strategy or not.

Making effective open source strategy

  • To get ideas, get involved in open dialogue to generate insights.
  • Analyze patterns in data to use it efficiently.
  • Give them time to make proper analysis because deadlines can create constraints on thinking.
  • Contribution is important but there are problems where they cannot, like resource allocation.

Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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