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How many politicians convey their political agenda, how any business entity design products according to the consumer choice. This art of finding out what people think is called polling. Statistics play an important role in understanding people and grabbing their attention. There are several traditional methods of doing surveys that are losing their effectiveness now and hence restructuration of opinion polling need to be remade. Response rates are declining, it might be because of advancement in technology which can filter junk calls, find unknown IDs and also people willingness to participate in polling is also declining. So it is making it harder for polster to make polling.

The 1928 election predicted complete win of Downer ray. However, the polling result and actual result was completely different and unpredictable. Accuracy of polling is getting down via telephone. According to Richard Guin’s research telephonic polling will soon get the deplenish from the market.

Web surveys, online polling and professional surveys are taking the place of old methodology.  But the question is why the general population is getting less motivated to respond to the polls. Several professionals performed 22 to 25 surveys for 6 month continuously. The most effective among them was web analyst, might be because they get to earn more money with little work.

Marketers are using surveys to directly bounce to potential consumers instead of taking mass groups of people. This is again an issue in business. Russeli Leigh and Noah Bentick of Oberlo acknowledged that the online panel is disappointing in giving predictive data. Data that we get is not submissive with actual requirements. Traditional polling is difficult, expensive and time taking while online surveys are getting less reliable. Business entities are required to probe the vast amount of data available on digital platforms. Political entities are using data available on Facebook, Google to strategize their political ideologies. Vast data on social sites creates a information’s misappropriation. These vast data are called mega databases. They are  highly useful in analysing consumers everyday activities.

It is being well said by Ada Lovelace through his survey that it is impossible to leave your trace in the digital world. Even when you are buying a single pen your data gets captured. This data helps companies to ask pollers to scrutinize consumer’s thinking patterns. This data gives a highly vivid picture of consumer’s formation.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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