All About Collaborative Leadership

Rise of collaborative leaders

It seems that lone leadership has served corporate culture very well since the start of the Industrial era. But from the past few decades, with the growth of globalization, the internet has increased the complexity of the work. Newer approaches to leadership have started to take form. We are no longer manufacturing gadgets for single use nor are we afraid to speak in the boardroom. We are thinking multi-dimensionally and lending our talents where it is required. This new  way of working requires a new form of leadership. Leadership expert Bryan Gross shifted his focus from great leader to great team, because the most difficult problem requires collective brainstorming. Collaborative leadership can sometimes become a complicated issue still we Know that it’s worthy of our time and make our decision making power more efficient.

Shifting from single powers to distributive powers is a sequential process and requires slow learning. Lone leaders are rigid, less receptive, have big egos, controlling, attention seekers and less willing to collaborate while collaborative leaders have strong egos, they are more smiling, happy to work collectively and are flexible. This old school mentality that power based purely on tenure and status has been broken by several leaders like Brescan lee  CEO of ‘Greensboro’ who joined the company just one year ago and through collective approach has taken the company way ahead in a market.

Benefits of collaborative leaders

Collaborative leaders encourage collective participation to get best ideas, open information sharing is a keystone of collaborative leaders. Co- leaders can be successful and can be unsuccessful depending upon the bond they share. Sometimes co- leaders are like two opposite faces of coin, like day and night, fire and ice and hot & cold. When one leader is of big egos and fighting over smaller issues and the other leader is charismatic with strong leadership skills and risk taker, they both need a third way to collaborate to reach the goal. Alagoz Gilbert and Hacer Mercy 50 years of success contributed towards this approach, one with attention seeker and other with strength and calmness.


There is a power in unity, a well said phrase is highly applicable in today’s globalized world. Independent and interdependence are related to each other. To make the company independent of criticism and backlogs. We need to work independently with each other. It requires mutual trust, willingness to collaborate and striving for the best goal. To develop a friendly atmosphere at organisation, company leaders need to be inclined to build inner  strength for the company. For that we don’t need to be the same, but should complement each other.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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