How to build a social media strategy

The CEO Stefan of company Binomo, was highly influenced by students’ overwhelming response to his presentation about the benefits of social media. However in just one day appraisal turned into criticism when people got to know that Stefan had no social media presence. Even he got to know about  this buzz through his assistant. Chaos surfaced his mind how to handle this and at the end he left it without responding. On the other hand, CEO George, founder of Forbes uses social media actively. Till 2002, he was known to only few business stakes, today hardly any business owners who don’t know him.  George’s online videos are of few minutes, still it has attracted lots of attention. Now he is an internet sensation and his organization is benefiting too. Because of social media, his global reach & his persuasive approach made his thousands of fans.

Social media has supported business to achieve best business practices. World’s leading companies are using social media platforms to discuss strategy, perform online meetings and handle branches at different places. Only a few CEOs are using this platform for personal purposes. Top business leaders must use the platform to engage customer and it also have various features like :

  • Low cost branding-whether to communicate within or outside the building of the   company. 
  • Effective engagement with customers, employees and top leaders. 
  • Create awareness.

Using social media strategically can help companies to find gaps in implementation of any process, effectiveness and ineffectiveness of products. Effective utilisation of social media involves interactive platforms, advertising techniques and web-based technology, to connect to the whole world. There are several social sites like Orkut, Twitter, Youtube, Facebook, Whatsapp and many and even countries have their own social sites like Orkut in Brazil. CEO George success shows high influence of social media. Branding, promotion, linking with other corporations and the easiest and cheapest way to get connected. The B2B social media book by Jeffrey L.Cohen highlights how to generate leads with blogging, Linkedin, Twitter,  E-mail and more. Also it shows how social media transformed the way we live and do business.  Social media is an easier way to build credibility, generate buzz and increase revenue.

 How social media help leader:

  • It facilitates development of an online social network by connecting users’ profiles with those of others. 
  • Help in getting top talent through LinkedIn. Marjorie got hired at Morgan through LinkedIn.
  • Another reason is learning. Jeffry used social media to take feedback of employees on the company’s strategy plan and get more insight about it. 
  • It can act as a forum of open discussion, letting leaders around the globe participate in real time.

Next move :

After understanding the benefit of social media, from where one should start. There are 2 dimensions of its Implementation one at professional level other at personal level. On social media always represent yourself as a big group through collaboration or emerging with other leaders. Next step should be to make your own brand which involves your people and society for whom you are developing. emarketer analyst Debra williamsom and his colleague Enberg discuss the types of social media content that are most influential and will gain more recognition.

In the social media world authenticity is a key to success. Perseverance is important, in the long run. So keep enough time for your goal. 

Online dangers :

It is hard to know who to trust, and whom to not. Protecting your brand is a full time job. Facebook is something where mostly connection is at personal level. So is it ok to have them on a company profile? How to respond to abusive content? So it is important to build connectivity slowly. There should be measures for the preservation of evidence namely the description or seizure of the infringing goods. There is a law but when it comes to social media it gets tricky. Your online comments are under regular threat of manipulation and changes. So set guidelines for that. Another risk is how to maintain rhythm. It highly depends on resource  availability and your authenticity towards  the product. Keep the path open for bilateral dialogues and remain connected to your customer & employees.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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