Brain to Brain Synchronization


Our everyday lives are filled with social interaction, which involves face to face communication, where one speaks, and other listens. However the important mechanism involved in communication is the neural mechanism, which lets the listener copy the speaker’s mind, which results in good communication.

Andy Francis and Sam Sherman performed the experiment where one woman was told to tell the story about her freshers party. After this researchers asked questions to listeners to see what listeners grasp from the story. Experiments showed that listeners whose brain gets synchronized with the speaker’s brain are able to answer more efficiently. More synchronization shows more active listening. The more the listener understands the speaker, the more closely their brain responds. The one who scored highest in comprehension, shows his response brain outdo the speaker’s brain. 


It is not creepy. It is kind of instinctive, when two highly mingled brains communicate. when you listen actively, you finish their sentence before them. Sometimes students in the class say we’re not getting it. It simply means that their brain is not synchronizing with them. when one is listening and the other is speaking, both are doing separate jobs. It is the nerve network that has connected the two brains while communicating and a synchronized act is performed.

This coupling effect of the brain is stronger when people communicate face to face over other means. Because when we use different means like telephone, there is lots of distraction which reduces the efficiency of listening.

Why do some people listen more effectively over others?

There is no scientific proof of it. Imagine how deeply one is involved when listening actively. When Benjamin Netanyahu was giving a speech, listeners at the rally got spellbound.  Does it mean he is able to induce a similar brain response in all listeners?

And if any listener disagrees with Benjamin, does it mean he is able to  block signals from reaching his mind? What happens when you don’t understand what someone wants to tell you something? Does it mean some are born with good brain coupling technique while others are not. e.g Autistic people are not able to interpret the incoming signal.

one can improve the coupling process

How can one improve this coupling process?

If we will be able to improve the coupling process, we can help autistic people, we can reduce miscommunication and we will be able to build good leaders. Why humans are different from animals. Because we are able to form brain signals, we can transform it into an audio signal and then again into a brain signal. This is what human beings are blessed with.

Way forward

Humans brains are directly or indirectly connected to each other and to the external environment. If you will analyse brain of two girls sitting in the metro in front of the girl wearing a red dress, you will see their brain responses in a similar way. This is somewhere like a group of Lion’s brains responding to their prey. So we can say that all living being’s brains are in sync with each other. So basically all Living beings’ brains are in sync with each other.


Author: A.C.

Dr. Chakraborty is a researcher in electronics and has authored numerous articles in the domain. She is also an avid blogger and shares a penchant for domains like technology, business and science.

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