News Analysis Using ISM Framework

Strategic Alignment Model
Strategic alignment between and the business occurs when it is used to dynamically create and exploit business opportunities, it is further used to transform business. Any business is built with the integration of Business strategy and I/T strategy and its strategic alignment model is built upon Strategic Fit and functional Integration.

Strategic alignment model is composed of two dimensions strategic fit and functional integration. Strategic fit addresses both internal and external domains, functional integration explains how the choices made in IT domain impact the business domain.

SAM Functional domains
Business strategy

I/T strategy
Organizational infrastructure and processes
I/S infrastructure and processes

SAM identifies the type of integration between business and IT domains, Strategic integration links between business strategy and IT strategy, operational integration links organizational infrastructure and process, and IT infrastructure and process.
There are four Alignment Perspectives
Strategy Execution:
Business strategy is driver of both Organizational design and IS design,
Technology Transformation:
Business strategy is implemented through appropriate IT strategy and processes
Competitive Potential:
With emerging IT capabilities modification of business strategy will takes place that leads to organizational process changes
Service level:
IT strategy drives both IS services and process, which helps to take internal transformation of organization
Digital Dabbawalas: From delivering dabbas to offering click-based services
Digital Dabbawala: Mumbai’s dabbawalas endorse PM Narendra Modi’s Digital India initiative
A year after PM Modi’s endorsement, Mumbai’s ‘Digital Dabbawalas’ bask in success
The news talks about the transformation of Dabbawala to new digital dabbawala. Dabbawala started in 1890 currently delivering to 2L customers with 5000 staff is known worldwide for its six sigma process without using any technology. Their revenue model is delivering lunch box to working employees with monthly charges.
Anulom Technologies provided technology to the Digital dabbawala and acted as backbone to the organization. client do register themselves in the portal, later dabbawala member will go to the customer house and complete biometric verification and Pan card verification, and this platform enabled the e-payment as well for the users.
It came in lime light at the time of demonetization and got a good response among public, it clearly mentioned in its goals the motive behind moving digital is to save time and provide better services to the users.

It completely transformed from colour coded logic of delivery system to online technology based delivery system. The users and staff both are benefitting from this model with better tracking ability.
Analysing the Digital dabbawala with help of Framework
The news is talking about the transformation of dabbawala from strategy execution alignment to technology transformation alignment.
The old system is:
Here the existing business strategy is delivering the lunch boxes from home to offices and back from offices to home. 

Organizational infrastructure is top down hierarchical approach consist of 7 levels in the organization. The top level consists of President and bottom level consists of members around 500. They consider it as a flat organization structure where everyone will be treated equally and roles are based on their age and experience.
Processes in this model are which lunch box has to shift at which point and the way it has to deliver all covered in the process.

Skill that was needed in this is good memory skill of city and the colour decoding capability.
I/S infrastructure in this case are basically the colour code system that developed based on the resident address and delivery position. Even though the delivery shifts between several people in the process it exactly reaches its destination because of its colour coding system.

Dabbawala changed from strategic alignment from strategy execution alignment model to technology transformation model with the help of Anulom technologies as technology provider.
The business strategy that is core to the dabbawala is still same for the new digital dabbawala as well. But the transformation happened due to the technology implementation which was previously organized with the help of organizational infrastructure changed to software tracking based model.
The existing business strategy is same as above that is delivering the lunch boxes from home to offices and back from offices to home.
IT Strategy that changed the previous model to digital age model in where the Technology scope Is free online registration from official site, bio metric verification, identity card verification, online tracking, live update on status and online payment. The governance consists of building relationships among customers and staff in anorganizational manner.
The IS infrastructure is same as giving better quality service to the end users
In the digital era where IT support is placing a major role the transformation is must for any service provider that is what exactly done by Digital dabbawala which is of 125 years old. The demonetization plays major in giving fruit full results. The new technology transformation not only helps organizations and users with transparency it will also save time, gives value added services, builds relationships, add more features and help to survive in the competition.

A year after PM Modi’s endorsement, Mumbai’s ‘Digital Dabbawalas’ bask in success v=D1KpySCVMes


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