Can there be a creative job after an MBA

We got a letter recently from a current MBA student of a leading B-School of India to an alumnus. He was seeking some advise on career progression. Sharing the discussion for the inputs of our readers. So what do you think about the perspectives of MBA grads when it comes to innovative roles which require a different set of skills?

Email from the student

Hello Sir,

Thanks for accepting my invitation. I am your junior, doing MBA from XLRI, have 5.5 years of work ex in IT (TCS), led teams there and have strong customer engagement skills. I have a creative mind, I write stories, poems, and love theater. I wish to work on something exciting and creative. Need your kind advice please, do we have creative jobs for MBA grads? Do you have any opportunity in mind where I can utilize my talent? Looking forward to your advice and suggestions. Thanks 🙂

Response from the editor

Hi Gauri Jobs for MBA are often more sales oriented than anything else. Some lucky ones get to crunch numbers a bit. Rest are busy fighting the fires in BAU in operational roles. Creative jobs are hard to come by in the sense you are mentioning. But innovations may become your forte in any job role, when you get somewhat settled and established in an organization, say after working for 5-7 years after your MBA. For your creative side, why don’t you start a blog, which you can continue outside your office hours. This can become a pretty big source of revenue if at a later point of life, you decide to move out on your own, and start up a publishing business..



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